John Kohler

John has been on the living and raw foods diet since 1995; he turned to living foods for healing from a life threatening-illness (spinal meningitis) and has enjoyed dynamic health ever since. One of Johns goals is to educate the world about the power of living and raw foods. He is the founder and webmaster of the largest living and raw food website on the internet,, and  John also owns and manages  and is the number one expert on rawfoods appliances and gadgets in the world.  His Latest projects are teaching others to grow their own food at home and sharing his raw food teachings on his video blog at 


SAT 10am: Just Because it's Raw Doesn't Mean its Healthy
After attending this talk, you will learn which raw foods are healthy and which are not.   John will not teach you which specific foods are good or bad; he takes it one step further... to teach you a simple formula so that you can determine for yourself if a food is raw and/or healthy.  This is the presentation you must attend if your focus is on the health aspect of raw foods.

SAT 3pm: Crazy for Coconuts
One of Johns favorite foods is the coconut, young or mature, John has found creative and interesting ways (and tools) to get the most out of  your coconut.  He will share with you some of his favorite recipes out of coconuts.

SUN noon: Growing Your Greens
In this talk, John will share his experience converting his front yard into an all-raised edible garden where he produces 90% of his vegetables year-round.

SUN 2pm: How to Save Money and eat the Healthiest Raw Food Diet 
In this presentation, John will share his inside secrets on how you can spend the least amount of money and eat the healthiest raw foods.    Included in this presentation will be specific strategies for saving money by growing your own food, shopping at farmers markets, and buying your produce where health food stores purchase their produce.